Human Friction Managed

It shows up in the workplace as confusion of priorities or direction, or a common method to complete tasks. This friction impacts productivity, profitability, and value creation.

icube™ reduces this friction. A leadership system designed to build trust, an ownership mentality, and engagement, icube™ brings teams to understand their common mission, purpose, and vision. The system supports teams in confronting and solving problems in a systematic way and holds all employees accountable and drives results. This accountability builds trust through transparency and common goals in an uplifting and empowering environment.

Companies that successfully implement icube™ see a significant elevation of trust, an ownership mindset, and engagement the three intertwined factors that drive long-term sustainability and prosperity. When team members have an ownership mentality, they care and demonstrate high levels of engagement in their work. When others see their teammates displaying high levels of engagement, they trust them and in turn feel more engaged, which leads to a higher sense of ownership. This continuous cycle of engagement, ownership, and trust is the foundation that leads to high levels of productivity and profitability.