What is an Intensity Day?

Intensity Day is the official kick-off of the icube™ process and the start of the team working in a fulfilling, productive environment. The tools introduced on day one are used for the rest of the journey and beyond. The process begins with identifying the sources of complexity and an understanding of workflow, including the metrics behind it. This day also covers some elements of Intensity and Intelligence. Touching on Intensity, the team learns how to conduct effective tactical meetings and how to manage strategic and tactical issues. Including internal elements of Intelligence, the team develops a functional framework and a system-of-work audit, revealing bottlenecks in the organization, followed by a compilation of an initial set of numbers.

After Intensity Day, the team schedules regular weekly tactical meetings where they learn how to raise the accountability of team members, resolve issues, and execute quarterly wildly important goals (WIGs). This significant change in dynamics leads to team members who feel a powerful shift in their experience. In other words, Intensity Day is the inflection point in the way the team conducts itself and gets things done.

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